This was a pretty big week and a half. I turned 24, hit the 1,000 mile mark, and am now at the not-quite-halfway point of Harper’s Ferry, WV. I also blew through Shenandoah National Park, which I wasn’t a fan of because it’s so touristy and camping spots and water are scarcer than usual. However,... Continue Reading →

Pit Stop

This week started pretty slow and dreary with several days of rain and dampness in a row, which meant that just about everything I owned was soaked for a little while. It's alright for a day or two, but if things are damp for too long it starts to drive you a little bit crazy.... Continue Reading →

More Virginia, Pride Month, and Misogyny

This week and a half I covered some good ground through Virginia, and finally passed from a somewhat boring section into a section with way more landmarks and views, including both Dragon’s Tooth and Macafee Knob. I hit a new highest number of miles with a 25-mile day, which wound up putting me into camp... Continue Reading →

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