Solitude, Community, and Trail Legs

This week brought lots of sunny days and some intense hiking. After the snowstorm last Saturday we hiked down into the Nantahala Outdoor Center, where it was about 70 degrees. We spent most of our Easter Sunday drinking beer and lounging by the river, giving thanks for the warmth. In the few days after that... Continue Reading →

Week One

So far I've hiked for about five days and around 60 miles. I've climbed a couple of mountains, including one in the middle of a thunderstorm, had to run behind a tree to put my Diva Cup in, and gotten the privilege of hiking through countless clouds. Today was my sixth day out here and... Continue Reading →

Getting Ready To Go

Right now I'm in Atlanta for the day after taking an overnight Amtrak train from Virginia last night. Tomorrow my friend Rachael, who deserves a big shoutout for making my life much easier, will drive me from Atlanta to the start of the trail and I’ll begin my journey. Also shoutout to Teeter, who I... Continue Reading →

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